Did you miss the International Iridoid Research Symposium? Or maybe you’d like to share a presentation you found particularly interesting? Bookmark this blog post, then, because here is every single IIRS presentation in their entirety.

Opening remarks – John Wadsworth

Iridoids 101 – Jake Smith

Analysis and Metabolsm of Iridoids occuring in Noni products – Dr. Simla Basar

Discovery of Bioactive Iridoids in Medicinal Plants – Dr. Shixin Deng

Antiglycation Activity of Iridoids – Brett West

Advances in the researches on natural iridoid compounds – Dr. Bingjiu Xu

The effects of abiotic and biotic factors on bioactive iridoids – Afa Palu

Can Iridoids Enhance Imatinib-induced Apoptosis in Human Leukemia Cells? – Dr. Il-Moo Chang

Anti-proprotein convertase assay of iridoids and other natural products for evaluation of anticancer and antiviral efficacy and bioactivities of morinda leaf iridoids – Dr. Biswanath Dinda

Research of Max’s preventative effect on type II diabetes using rats – Dr. DeLu Ma

The Pharmacokinetic of Deacetyl-Asperulosidic Acid, the main iridoid occurring in Morinda Citrifolia (noni) – Dr. Johannes Westendorf

Remember: The more you know about iridoids, the better you understand their effects in your body. The better you understand, the easier it is to identify specific ways Bioactive iridoids make you feel better. When you can identify those things, you can tell your story and teach others to do the same.

So go and share these great presentations with a friend!

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