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It’s been almost 50 years that I have been blessed on this earth. However, in those years there has been that nagging question within, why do people hate plus size people or models? If you look at the everyday men and women they are  plus size. There is a big difference in being fat or morbidly obesity and being anorectic. In my opinion if you are 5’10” to say 6″2″ for a woman and you wear a size 2-3 then in my opinion you are under weight same for a man 6″0 to 6″6″ wearing size 25-30, if your ribs are showing than you really need to eat and gain weight. Where am I going with this well, I have shopped around the area where I live and found that most store carry clothing in size 0-16, if you are lucky and of those stores most of the time you can not find anything over a 14. for the few store that call themselves plus size shops, I have only found 1 besides our own shop which starts at size 12 for women and size 36 for men.

Let’s look back at how all this got started. According to wikipedia

Plus-size model is a term applied to a person who is engaged primarily in modeling plus-size clothing. Plus-size models also engaged in work that is not strictly related to selling large-sized clothing, e.g., stock photography and advertising photography for cosmetics, household and pharmaceutical products and sunglasses, footwear and watches. Therefore plus-size models do not exclusively wear garments marketed as plus-size clothing. This is especially true when participating in fashion editorials for mainstream fashion magazines.

Synonymous and interchangeable with plus-size model is “full-figured model,” “extended-sizes model,” and “outsize model”

The origins started in North America from the 1940 with Lane Bryant an US company who had a line of clothing for “Expectant  mothers and and newborns”. However, U.S.-based manufacturers used larger models to show their plus-size clothing as early as the 1940s, the bias against larger consumers and models pervasive in the fashion industry worked to keep this particular concept of modeling out of the general public’s eye until the early 1990s. By the mid-1920s, Lane Bryant started selling clothing under the category ‘For the Stout Women’, which ranged between a 38-56 inch bustline. The earliest catalogs used illustrations to sell their products, but by the mid-1940s photographs were integrated into the catalogs as the evolution of printing technology made this option available. After a hiatus through the 1960-1970 period, Lane Bryant again began using plus-size models.

According to

Margaret Wheeler Johnson

Women’s Editor  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/margaret-wheeler-johnson/plus-size-magazine-models-anorexia_b_1205285.html

What apparently floored them are the article’s claims that the average fashion model weighs 23 percent less than the average woman and that “most runway models meet the Body Mass Index physical criteria for Anorexia.”

” If you look at most runway models they are under weight. And it would seem that they must stay that way or lose their jobs. ” according to me. I have seen many fashion show over the years and not one of the models looks healthy. Why would you or any one want to risk your life to model clothing when most men and women are size 12 plus. If the fashion industry sees everyone as a size 0 then why bother to make clothing for the more robust of us all. There is a BMI (body mass Index) for our height and weight, and yes most of society is over weight but, that still does not mean that we should be disrespected by most of the fashion industry.

When I was in the service (Army) I was told that if I was to lose 60 lb it would greatly improve my health. At the time I was 5ft 10in tall and weight 195 lb. The Army standard was 173lbs for my height. So I talked to my doctor and asked her if this weight was to much for my body frame and she said know.  She did say that it would be hard to lose more weight because it was all muscle. which is heavier than fat. the only excess weight was in my mid section. She also stated that until the healing of my back from many back surgeries, I would gain maybe another 5lb but as long as I was to keep walking and swimming maybe not. Now there are many people who were not in my situation however, they to were proportion to height and weight. So as the title states I am happy as a plus size. Now back to the history, I was you to read from this blog I found by writer Lisa Dolan.

What’s Happened to the Plus-Size Fashion Industry in the Recession? Nothing!

Lisa Dolan ON Jun 4, 2009

Read More http://www.ivillage.com/whats-happened-plus-size-fashion-industry-recession-nothing/4-a-106452#ixzz1kF2hCGRt
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I found this to be right on point. There are those of us out there who buy and sale plus size clothing, that looks good that does not break you wallet made from good material. My thing is this if you buy it then other who need such will want to buy it as well. Second if God wanted all his children to be the same size then ie: size 0-2 then we would be this size but we are not.  Here is another story I found that is more resent but, There is a growing trend happening, I quest it will take time.     http://www.marketplace.org/topics/business/lack-plus-size-professional-clothing

Wisegeek had to say that in short the industry feel no pressure to make or try to make clothing for that normal woman. read his article.  http://www.wisegeek.com/why-are-fashion-models-so-thin.htm

I feel this that fashion designers send the wrong message to all women from the very young to the young at heart. We are human beings, whether we are men or women we are not created equal in body or height. So the industry needs to designer clothing for all people not just those who are a size 0-2 for women and 20-30 for men. We eat to live and we live to eat, now clothing would be nice.

Here is a young lady who puts thing into prospective

What Happens When a Plus-Size Model Stands Next to a Fashion Model?

Plus Model Magazine published a photo spread this month showing a nude plus-size model posing with a nude fashion model. Wow.

Posted by Emily Leaman http://blogs.phillymag.com/bewellphilly/2012/01/13/plus-size-model-stands-fashion-model/#comment-187907

Although this is 2012, back in 2009 a German fashion designer was quoted saying ” Curvy women have no place on the catwalk”  fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld that  Sunday 11 October 2009, after a magazine said it was banning skinny models in favour of “real women”. “No one wants to see curvy women,” Lagerfeld was quoted as saying on the website of news magazine Focus. It is men like him and other who feel this way and are sending the wrong message to all people out there.

Keep researching there is bound to be hope somewhere out there for that normal person. Just be happy with who you are whether plus size or normal whatever that is.

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