In searching for the up andcoming black fashion designers is not as easy as one may think. I my searchthrough the internet I found the Black Fashion Designer Association, whichgives a list of black designers, and I will assume worldwide. In going through theirlist, I found that there was not many, although I cannot say when the last timethe site been updated. 

Why is there a lack of blackfashion designers?  The lack of well or less known designers withinthe black community is a problem in itself. Many people tend to know of P Diddyand Will Smith. However, what about some of the others we do not know. In asearch to find the answer I came across a whole list of designers not much of aproblem there except most are white or Asian for which there is have noproblem. What I did find out is that most blacks or African – Americans workbehind the scenes.

Within the black community thereis not much support for black own businesses let alone black fashion designers.And those who are making it to the top tend to use white models in therefashion shows. They are black fashion models however; if you are not a size 0-6then getting notice is next to not at all. Then there is the funding needed asa fashion designer. I do not know what the white designers do to get their footin the door, but for most black fashion designers if they do not have their owncapital saved up while creating some of their most beautiful pieces then theystruggle year after year just to get notice.

I think it is time that we inthe black community start helping each other. Here are some of my ideals thatmany go a long way in helping each other.

·        Ablack own start-up fashion store whether online or a brick and mortar placeseek out those new black designer and make a business plan that will benefitboth parties.

·        Ifyou are an established black own store why not do the same seek out those newdesigners

·        Blackartists, athletes, musicians, dancers and other celebrities you can do more forthe up and coming designer than most.

·        Businessowners how about sponsoring a fashion show in the community around the countrythis will do two fold; one your name will get out in the community and two sowill that designer who is trying so hard to get that foot in the door.

If we as blacks will just startdoing what other races have done for years and that is just take care of oneanother, we would not have to ask who the black fashion designers are.

Plus size fashion designers, arethere any in the black community? That answer is yes but, like all blackfashion designers they may have it even harder. One of the best plus sizefashion designers in the industry is none other than Ms. Monif C. She hascreated trendy and flirty clothing for the contemporary curvy woman. In herdesigns, you will not look or feel dowdy. One of her many specialties is swimsuitsand with summer only a few months away, you want to be sure you are caught onthe beach in one of her bathing suits. Yes she is expensive but worth everypenny.

Jasmine Elder of JIBRI isanother wonderful designer. She make a few pieces a year but, what she makes isso worth the wait.

 New up and coming designer Serwah Asante hasstarted her company Rue 114; keep an eye out for this one.

Tasha Hill decided to fulfillher desire to design clothing for plus size women. Some would argue why thistall and slender framed designer would have interests in plus designing? Howcould she possibly know what would appeal to women whose bodies types differedfrom hers and who often could not readily find pieces that reflected sex appealand sophistication while accentuating the art of curves? The answer was simple:her older sister and the face of BGU, Jeannie Ferguson. Weighing in at overthree hundred pounds at one time, Jeannie rallied for the same modern fashiontrends for the average plus size woman. Her feelings were if the current retailchains were not going to design, contemporary pieces with the fuller woman inmind, then it was time to do it themselves. Jeannie knew what it was like toshop for clothing and not find adequate pieces that lacked proper fit and sexyconservatism. Thus, she teamed up with Tasha and decided together they wouldbecome the brand that delivered what the fashion industry had been missing.

Here is a list of plus size fashion designers:

Ben Marc,  Chad Stevens,  Chancelle,  Donna Vinci,  Eva Polini,  Fifth Sunday,  Harve Bernard,  Katherine Bishop,  Terramina , TaniaBella,  Priscilla,  Natasia,  Lisa Rene,  Marsoni,  Milano,  Moshita,  Nicole Nite, Nubiano,Sioni, GMI, St. Anthony, Tango, Shes Line,  Princess,Champagne,  Mariella-Ferretti,  CM Shapes, Dani Max,  Daniele Casey,  Danny & Nicole,  Earth Song,  Focus 2000, Gemini,  Helen Blake Herman Geist,  Ivy Rose,  JT Collection,  Jessica Howard,  John Roberts,  K Studio,  Kasper,  Larry Levine,  Leslie Fay,  Lolette,  La Femme,  Maggy London,  Michael Blake,  Morgan Miller,  Nicole Studio,  Plaza South,  Positive Attitude and more.

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