Latest Fashions and How Designers Feel About Plus Size

Just got a look at some of the fall looks and summer is not even here. Although in Texas it feels like 100 F already. I am not feeling the love for plus size people. Designers are still catering to your size 0-2 people when most of the popualation is 12-60, we want clothing designers for us. Designers please think of us we like nice thing too. Here you will find my research on how designers feel about plus people.
In my research, I found that fashion designers do not like
to see plus men or women wearing the clothing walking down the cat walk. In
addition, in my opinion the lack of blacks, Spanish, or oriental women or men
for that matter are over looked for modeling jobs. For one most black women and
men have meat on their bones.  Hispanic
women and men like blacks are very curvy people. As for oriental women and men
I believe it their look nothing more than that.

It would seem that the fashion world is still a white women
and man’s world, whether they are plus size or not. Why when you buy a fashion
magazine for the most part all you see is white faces and they are size 0-4? Moreover,
four is pushing it. Are we as a society that ashamed of how we look? On the
other hand, are we still so condition to think that if you are above a size 8
and not white you are wrong.
Please don’t take this the wrong way I do not dislike white
people considering my best friend is white and so was my husband. However, in
the fashion world if you are not white and blond then you are wrong it would
After reading this from We as a people still have a long way to go, when comes to how we see ourselves. Fashions for the curviness of us know matter what color we are, still needs to come to the forefront. There are designers out there ut who are they is the question?
However, I did find one site that has some plus size designers listed I can not say how up to date this info is but, it is the best I have for the moment. You can look at my line of clothing all these designers cater to plus

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