You there comes a time in ones live when you must ask yourself a serious question, How much longer is man going to allow the mother earth to be destroyed. By this I mean every generation planet suffers more and more. Trees are disappearing faster than we can plant them. Our oceans well where do I start . Our oceans are so polluted that I have ideal on how we can clean them. The air we breath is full of so many different chemicals that many people are sick all the time. However, we can do something right now about this. For every tree that is planted, is another life we save which by the way, may be our own life. Trees has a way of renewing our planet. So will you join me in helping to save our planet? If so chick this link we need all the help we can get Time is something we really do not have Act NOW before it’s to late for us all. Think about the next generation, how much time do they have if any?

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