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The ultimate body composition system is now available to everyone, everywhere. The Fit Body Composition System brings a powerful regimen of products that help you cleanse your system, build muscle, and flush fat to obtain your ideal body composition. In this training, you’ll learn how Fit products employ powerful bioactives to help customers around the globe become fit. Also, learn how to share these products with your customers today. Click to learn more

It has been said you are 10 times more like to succeed with a team or a buddy.

How do you make a successful group work for you is easy. Gather at least 5 of your best friends who want to get into shape. Maybe they just want to lose 2lbs or maybe 20lbs or even they may want to go for broke say a big whooping 50 lbs. Start off light :”walk” around the block on day one. Drink 1 glass of Bioactive mango, grape drink or the REDUCE fat flushing formula – 30 day supply
(choice of Orange or Pink Lemonade). Are you hungry? Okay then now, try RESIST super snack bars – 10 bars (choice of Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Caramel Nut). Now you need to take your vitamins REPLENISH balanced multivitamin – Men’s or Women’s.

Before you do any of this you need to try this Tahitian Noni Original or Extra– Two 750 mL
bottles    – RESET cleansing formula – 6 day supply    – RESTORE powerful probiotic – 30 day supply

I challenge anyone out there if you think you can do this without anything at all then let me know. I have lost 5 lbs so far but in need of some friends which by the way is a great motivator to keep your spirits up.

Here is some of the recent clinical trials

  • Of the 30 people the started our fit program
  • 24 followed the –this is 80%
  • Every person who followed the was successful
  • 100% of people that finished the program want to continue
  • Meet weekly
  • Weigh-ins, check body fat
  • Shared with others success or non-success and why
  • Have weekly prizes
  • Commit them to use the products and stay within their calorie goal
  • Commit to do exercised aerobics and weight training
  • Make sure everyone in the group has a buddy
  • Body fat checker used is call arm-rod (I hope I spelled that right if not I sorry.) But use a body fat measure because you need to keep track of your body fat to success.

Please listen to this webinar https://tahitian.adobeconnect.com/_a826607020/p81436433/?launcher=false&fcsContent=true&pbMode=normal

Fit vs. Jenny Craig

Fit is a body composition system that offers products specifically engineered

to build lean muscle and burn fat. Fit takes a holistic approach that emphasizes

proper exercise and nutrition.

Jenny Craig is a food-based program that uses one-on-one counseling with

Jenny Craig consultants and Jenny Craig branded food.




Cleanse Fit Reset

The Advantage: A blend of four highly effective and gentle cleansing ingredients:

licorice root, dandelion root, prune juice, and aloe. Made from natural fruit juices.

Contains noni, which protects the liver—the body’s main detoxifier. Fit Reset also

contains 10 grams of polydextrose per serving—a prebiotic fiber that helps cleanse

and prepare a healthy environment for the gut.

Jenny Craig does not have a cleanse drink.

Reality Check: Cleansing the body of toxins and waste deposits is vital to proper and

balanced digestive and gut health.

Probiotic Fit Restore

The Advantage: Delivers five billion active units per serving. Contains three bacteria:

the spore-forming bacillus coagulans, bifidobacterium bifidum, and lactobacillus

acidophilus. Each strain survives the acidic stomach environment and delivers

probiotic benefit directly to the small intestine.

Jenny Craig does not have a probiotic.

Reality Check: The digestive system needs healthy bacteria to facilitate proper

function and balance and overall gut health.

Protein Shake Fit Rebuild

The Advantage: Uses a bioactive blend of soy, whey, milk, and pea proteins. Fit

Rebuild delivers 15 grams of protein per serving. It includes all of the essential

amino acids the body needs to repair and build muscle. And it also supplies three

grams of fiber.

Jenny Craig does not have protein shakes.

Reality Check: The body needs protein for energy and to build muscle.

Fat Flusher Fit Reduce

The Advantage: Uses a bioactive blend of nutrients to eliminate fat. It includes the #1

doctor-recommended psyllium husk fiber, oat fiber, fruit fiber, and insulin—a proven


Jenny Craig does not have a fiber mix or drink.

Reality Check: Fiber is an essential part of weight management and an overall

healthy lifestyle. It helps control hunger, drains the body of toxins, and promotes

better heart health.

Snack Bar Fit Resist

The Advantage: Uses a bioactive blend that includes brown rice syrup, a natural

and healthier source of sugar—which helps control hunger better than artificial

sweeteners. Fit Resist delivers six grams of protein and two grams of fiber.

Jenny Craig provides many low-calorie baked goods.

Reality Check: Jenny Craig snacks do not provide targeted nutrients, including protein

and fiber, like Fit Resist bars.

Multivitamin Fit Replenish

The Advantage: Uses highly bioavailable natural ingredients and chelates, which

contribute to better and faster nutrient absorption.

Jenny Craig does not have a multivitamin

Reality Check: The average American diet does not deliver enough of the essential

vitamins and nutrients the body needs. Fit Replenish helps supplement the body with

exact amounts of vitamins for both men and women.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with any thing new please consult your Doctor.

All products can be found on our website at Alfina’s Place

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