For all those who do not know Tahitian Noni has changed their name back to Morinda Bioactive as of April 18, 2012 during the 2012 ILC. we also have a New Bioactive name MAX with 120 Iridoids per serving. and if that is not enough get up and go power for you then try MAX 360 concentrate. it taste just like candy but, be careful we don’t want you flying to the moon and back. this new and approve bioactive lives up to it’s name.

You can buy it at and if you want to be a business partner and join me in Rome, Italy in September 21-27 then lets talk and I’ll show how. All information is on my website. come and be one of 2.5 million bioactivist getting there lives and health in order. After we return from Rome we will be going to Miami, Fl for a weeks worth of fun in Jade camp till May 2013 when we will be off to ILC Hawaii.

Destination: Rome

We’ve got another post-ILC promotion to get your motors running, get the bioactivist wheels turning, and get your mind set on Vision Retreat 2012. We’re calling it Destination: Rome, and we won’t stop until we do everything we can to get you to Vision Retreat.
Here’s the deal: The first 70 people to qualify for this promotion from North America will get a ticket to Vision Retreat and Rome.

There are two steps to qualification. First, earn the new Growth & Duplication Gold Bonus. And second, earn the title of Jade (for IPCs enrolled on or after April 1, 2012), OR increase your QV6 by 5,000 points and maintain it at least two of the three months during qualification (IPCs enrolled before April 1, 2012).

For example, if you’re an IPC who wants to see Rome in all its glory, help someone you personally enroll after April 1 achieve the title of Jade and hit the Gold Bonus. When you do, you will personally earn your 5,000 QV6.

Questions? Give us a call at 1-800-445-2969. We’d be happy to talk you through it.

The qualification period is May, June and July, 2012.

Conditions and Regulations

  1. IPC must be in good standing with Morinda Bioactives in order to receive any reward.
  2. IPCs do not need to hold the additional month consecutively.  They may qualify in May then hold it again in July and still receive reward. Qualification must begin  by June 2012 and qualification must complete by July 31st 2012
  3. Morinda has the right to refuse qualification  based on  suspicion of manipulation or miss qualification
  4. Join by going to


Aloha! ILC 2013 is coming to Hawaii!

“Aloha Kakou” is Hawaiian for “may there be love between us.” IPCs sure felt that love as the announcement rang through the halls of the Salt Palace. It was as clear as a steel guitar played over the sounds of the ocean: ILC 2013 will take bioactivism to the pristine shores of Hawaii!

The announcement caused a noticeable stir among ILC 2012 attendees. Gasps were heard, spontaneous bursts of applause, IPCs high-fiving strangers. Clearly, you get the picture. ILC 2013 will be another in a long line of spectacular Morinda events.

And right now registration is open to ILC 2012 attendees. If you’re in Salt Lake City right now, you can get the lowest possible price when you register here in the ILC store. Not at ILC? Get on the phone with someone in your organization who is and tell them to register for you! If you know you’re going to join us in Hawaii, don’t wait another second, because those who register now will get the cheapest rate.

ILC 2013 details will be forthcoming, but you can start prepping right now for next year’s ILC. Save up for the trip, or even better, work your brains out and qualify for ILC travel benefits and let us take care of the travel expenses for you! Do something amazing, something that you’ll remember your whole life. Join us next year in paradise.

Ready to make the pledge to join us at ILC 2013 in Hawaii? Tell us below in the comments section!

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