In less than three weeks we’ll all be together in Salt Lake City, Utah, for International Leadership Conference 2012. We’re working around the clock to prepare for this momentous event, and one thing we want is to make sure you have complete access to our new and exciting products leading up to ILC.

That’s why it’s with great pleasure we’d like to announce our newest product line, Fit Supplements, will start shipping this week!

We are super excited for our new line of Fit Supplements. Each supplement is custom-crafted for a specific purpose, and contains bioactives that can deliver targeted benefits to seven different areas of the body: Artery, Bone, Eye, Heart, Joint, Menopause and Prostate. This new line is evidence of our growing body of bioactive research and development. The more we learn about bioactives, the more we discover they can be applied in new and beneficial ways all over the body.                             

Fit Supplements also represent a promise we make with you after every product we develop. And here is that promise: We will seek out, research, and develop the best bioactives in the world, and then we will create products out of those bioactives that will deliver diverse, measurable benefits to their consumers.

That’s what drives us, and that’s the idea behind new Fit Supplements. Order Fit Supplements online anytime, or call TNI customer service at 1-800-445-2969.

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